Next is the innovative floor by STON made thanks to a revolutionary technology that combines the most advanced floors with a solid core in stone powder (SPC) with the superior performance of virgin polymers in a perfectly balanced 7-layer system.
The elegance of the graphics capable of reproducing the best wood and stone finishes is integrated into a highly engineered support which, in just 5 mm thick (including the sound-absorbing mat), guarantees a simple and quick installation thanks to the patented i4F joint.
Next is technical: high performance and super realistic aesthetic
Ideal for quick renovations, since it can also be laid on existing floors, its total non-absorbency allows it to be used even in humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. The particular surface treatment guarantees very high resistance to scratches and chemical attacks and a soft and silky natural touch. The stone powder core makes the material extremely stable with such low expansion that it can be laid in very large continuous surfaces without the need for expansion joints. The resistance therefore makes it perfect also for commercial spaces such as shops, restaurants, hotels and offices.
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